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TO ALL MY FANS who have been waiting on or asking about NEW MUSIC... I have been Writing and Recording New Music behind the scenes here and there throughout 2022 and helping to cultivate New Artists I want to introduce you to.

I've also been Organizing a Deal with an Exclusive Retreat on our Island in Nicaragua at the foot of Volcano Conception to LAUNCH our new "Quantum Creatives Academy" teaching young Native Youth their Eternal Identity, the Oneness of ALL THINGS, the WORD, English, and ALL the Creative Skillsets I've learned through my 41 years Journeying this Earth (Music Production, Video Production, Photography, Digital Design, Digital Marketing, and Digital Entrepreneurship) so they can become Independent Entrepreneurs and Provide for and sustain their Families as Sons of God with a Message to Spread through Latin America!

We have a PLAN, a TEAM in place, and a projected Budget we need to RAISE in order to LAUNCH January 1st, 2023 and here is how we are going to do it.

I am producing an Exclusive Underground Mixtape available ONLY HERE, and it is a LIMITED EDITION NFT! There will only be 100 Available Worldwide!!!! The Music will be rolled out 1 Song at a time Publicly throughout the year 2023 but the 100 people who sow into this Collective Project and into these Young people's lives will have EARLY EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to this One of a kind, Revolutionary sound.

The PRICE of the Mixtape is a MINIMUM DONATION of $100.

There are higher Tiers if someone feels compelled to Partner at a greater level, and there will be extra perks, rewards, and gifts included

(Our life changing/Mind Transforming Quantum Creativity Course, Exclusive ACTIVATE T-Shirt/Hoodie, "30 Days of Reign pack", Music Making 101 Course, $1,000 Credit towards ALL INCLUSIVE "IMMERSION ISLAND RETREAT".)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, 100 people and thats it!

We will be PROMOTING from Thanksgiving until CHRISTMAS EVE unless sold out before then.... and Delivering All Content  & Merch IMMEDIATELY on Christmas Day!

(Assuming the 100 are sold within several days of Christmas the T-shirts/Hoodies will be delivered in time for Christmas. If there are last minute purchases, the Music/Courses/Vouchers will be delivered Christmas day and the Merch shortly after for those last minute purchasers.)

If you are TRULY A FAN of this NEW SOUND being RELEASED in the Earth, DO NOT PASS on this offer.... both for yourSELF and for those who will be BLESSED and HELPED because of this Program we are launching.


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