My Story

Below is a very recent interview with Deanna and Tiffany Lynn from ONE by Divine Design, when they visited us in Witchita, KansasĀ on our U.S. roadtrip. It's a pretty good summary of my Spiritual Journey and my personal Testimony. In it I discuss growing up under strong religious programming, breaking free from it and diving into science, eastern religions, and the occult.... only to come full circle back to Jesus and the Bible, to discover a brand new Reality, rarely unveiled within the Church.

Below is a video of my 8 years as a Missionary in Honduras, on the Caribbean Coast, in an Indigenous Village named Sambo Creek. Epic culture, people, nature...... and an Adventure of Spiritual Growth for me. I wound up stumbling into the village by Divine Coincidence, not knowing the language, anything about the culture, or even knowing these people existed.... and within hours God put a supernatural Love in my heart for them.... and I left everything behind to live with them, learn from them, and share whatever I had with them.

Below are the different hats I wear, different Roles I play, Different skills I have acquired, and things I Love to do. I'm an Artist all the way.

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