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Renaissance project - creative academy launch

Long awaited Sophomore album by Daniel David I AM is finally here..... for a limited number of people. A year and a half since Daniel David's first album Reign hit the Internet and spread organically around the world throughout the Awakening unfolding across the Earth within the Body of Christ. Testimonies from diverse countries and cultures of loving and listening to the music daily, as well as lives impacted, eyes opened, and Hearts being touched by the Glory through the unique one of a kind sound of Pioneering music artist & producer Daniel David I AM.

Finally he is coming forth with a new collection of songs for the world, this time featuring and introducing many new artists and voices. This music is scheduled to be released throughout 2023 but Daniel is heading up the launching of an International Creatives Academy and International Hub featuring Monthly Immersion Retreats, Quarterly Youth Conferences, and 1 on 1 Music Production and Training. In order to gather the Budget for official launch in January 2023, he has decided to Pre-Release the Music exclusively and early to 100 people worldwide. as a Crowdfunding campaign to raise resources and launch the Creatives Academy. Only 100 people worldwide will access this collection of music Months before it is released publicly.... but each of the 100 people who trades into this vision, also will receive bundles of BOTH Reign AND Renaissance to BLESS 5 friends as well. Thats 12 albums to share. There are 3 tiers you can choose from, with many perks that you can check out below. Minimum tier is $100 and your contribution makes the launching of the Academy possible and you will be connected and entangled in its progress.

Because of you, the 100, 500 others will be blessed with the music.... and then.... the world. Thank you for supporting my journey to become a fully sustained music artist and producer, as well as mentor in the Creative Arts. This year this Hub goes live, and many will receive their Eternal Identity as well as Skillsets to then Express themselves artistically and even as an entrepreneur. My family appreciates all of your love and sharing of the music!

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